President Sahlwaker and Senator met with President Isaiah

President Sahlwaker and Senator met with President Isaiah
President Sahlewrow Zare and Prime Minister Dr. Abby Ahmed met with Eritrean President Isaias Afewerki.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Prime Minister Dr. Abby said: “I would like to say that President Isaiah Speaker again came to Ethiopia.”

“During our two-day stay, we will discuss bilateral and regional issues and discuss the challenges we face as part of a global community,” he said.

Eritrean President Isaiah Afewerki arrives in Addis Ababa for a two-day official visit.

The CEO of Midrock Technology Group announced the reasons why he resigned

MIDROW TECHNOLOGY, who has led MIDROC Technology Group for over twenty years as chief executive officer, on April 17, 2012. They have announced that they have resigned. They presented four reasons for their departure. Sheikh Mohamed al-Amudi, Chairman of MIDROC Investment Group, accepted their resignation on April 19, 2012. He wrote them a farewell letter.

Sheikh al-Amudi, the CEO of Elfora Agro Industries in his place, said Sheikh al-Hussein, who was temporarily appointed to the position of chief executive officer of Unity University.

He thanked the veterans for their stay, and said they had overcome the challenges they faced in their day-to-day work in accordance with high professional responsibility and ethics, not leaving themselves above staff. But, in addition to the challenges he has faced in the past two years, he recalls watching him and his management team patiently carry out their duties and responsibilities, under the constant pressure of unnamed individuals who have appointed themselves on MIDROC.

ጫ It is clear that such pressure is a difficult test for a law-abiding employee. The result is a problem, he said, notwithstanding the fact that the negative pressures of working on major issues have not been worked out, rather than helping the pressures on major issues. “I find it hard to work and be successful because it is special to express my determination to leave my current job and to serve my country in another field,” he said, outlining four basic reasons for his decision to resign.

One of the reasons for his dismissal is the issue of Jude Real Estate Company. In a letter to Sheikh al-Amudi, he said: “The unlawful and disgraceful conduct of the Judeo Real Estate Company of Judea, as a result of being constantly harassed and disgusted by my non-Jewish leaders or co-workers, gives me an answer to my advice. “The situation is getting worse,” he said.

ዙሪያ In the context of MIDROC gold, Mitrock and his two other unforgettable efforts have made it difficult for me to work with the government, instead of providing extra assistance and interfering with unnecessary work from the investor.

በተለያዩ As part of our partnership with the Elfora Company on various agricultural projects (especially in Shiloh), our work has been disrupted by young people in need. To the questions, Elfrara Management and I have spent years complaining that it is not our business but the management’s decision not to give us the land, but the management has given us a lot of credit, and finally the offer to land. Having repeatedly reminded us that it should be made available to the investor, they finally acknowledged it and submitted the request in a letter written in your name. I have 15 years of experience and believe that it is impossible for me to work in the future if the government does not respond to you and I believe that it is an option for me to leave the matter. They provide a third reason.

Another reason for their fourth position is: “I am grateful to be able to contribute to my country if I can accept the opportunity to spend the rest of my life in the education world, knowing that I have a special interest in education, and that I am still president. “I want to continue with this, and I look forward to your decision, if it is possible,” he said. For 25 companies, they resigned their position as CEO, and demanded the approval of Sheikh al-Amudin to lead the 26th Unity University.

Sheikh al-Amudi wrote in his letter of resignation that they realized they needed to be older and rested, and that they had failed to communicate in some cases and were afraid to work.

‹‹ So, I am commending April 19, 2012 for your service. Remind me to hand over all documents and assets, as well as ongoing duties to your Lord Hogas, stating that I have decided to resign from your position as Chief Executive Officer of MIDROC Technology Group, as well as the Executive Director of the MIDROC Technology Group. He said. He urged the sister organizations of MIDROC Ethiopia to cooperate with their interim President, Getachew.

In addition, the senator dismissed Sheik al-Amudi from any of the bank accounts opened on Monday, April 19th, wishing them well for the rest of their lives.

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